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Solar Installation Salt Lake City Utah

Utah is amongst the top states in the U.S. with the best solar energy adoptions. Installation of new solar panels is overgrowing fastly in Utah, with more and more people are benefiting from the clean and pure source of energy. According to one report published last year, Utah generates 14% of its electricity from renewable energy sources.

Renewable energy is the cleanest and effective way to consume electricity without damaging our environment. It can also help you earn money by selling the extra generated electricity to the suppliers. The mass adoption of solar energy in salt lake city, Utah, mentioned above, is proof that the solar industry is booming. According to many experts, this 14% ratio in Utah will be increased to around 26% -30% in just a few years, as all suggest shows that more and more homeowners in Utah are adopting renewable energy as their primary source of electricity.

The primary reason for this exceptional growth of solar panels installation in Salt Lake City, Utah, is that the federal and state governments are offering up to 26% of a tax credit, which means solar installation becomes an investment instead of an expense. Government and Non-profit Organizations work extensively to promote clean sources of energy so that we can avoid or at least minimize the climate effects that cause a lot of trouble for humans and animals, so you should also consider installing solar panels for your electricity needs. There are also several other benefits in installing solar panels, especially if you live in Salt Lake City, Utah, which we will discuss in this blog. However, before that, we also like to share another research with you if you are still not convinced that solar energy is the future.

At the end of the last year 2020, U.S. Energy Information Administration published the ranking of states generating most of the solar energy consumed in the United States Of America, and Utah is ranked at the 7th Position with 1,525 megawatts installed. And if we talk about Salt Lake City precisely according to the Shining Cities report, Salt Lake City is one of the brightest “solar stars” in the nation.

The Benefits of Installing Solar Panels in Salt Lake City, Utah

The first and foremost benefit that people get by installing solar panels is they are the cleanest source of energy and the most cost-effective one as there is no cost after the initial investment, which means that you don’t have to pay the electric bills anymore. If we talk about the initial investment so according to the latest research of Pure & Clean Energy, the prices of solar panels have fallen up to 80% in just the last 10 years (The average cost for a 5 kilowatt (kW) solar installation in Utah is $14,075 and $10,416 after the federal tax credit.)

Increase Home Value

Suppose your solar panels are installed by one of the professional solar installers in Salt Lake City. In that case, they can increase up to 12% value of your house’s price because of their friendly design, perfect structural fit, and energy generation. People who are looking to buy a new home and also are interested in solar panels tends to choose the house with the already installed system to avoid to hassle of new installation, and this can be proved by the recent studies which suggest that homes with solar panels tend to sell 15% faster than the houses with no solar panels.

Good for The Environment

The electricity we use in our daily life is generated by burning many toxic fuels that are very harmful to our environment and can cause several severe problems in the long term. The electricity demand has been increasing rapidly for many years, which means we are burning more and more fossil fuels to complete our electricity needs. Still, with the revolution of solar energy adoptions, we can generate up to 40% of our total electricity without burning fuels which will be very beneficial for our environment and humanity in the long term. This is no doubt that solar energy is very healthy for our environment. Even after installing just one new solar panel, we can make a significant impact by decreasing the demand for electricity generated by burning fuels.

Be Dependent – Generate Your Own Electricity

Last but not least advantage of installing solar panels is that it will reduce your dependency means you can generate, control, and even sell your electricity. You no longer need to pay electricity bills with high tax rates; instead, you will enjoy many subsidies and tax credits from the federal and state Govt.

Why Choose Integrated Solar Solutions INC

Integrated Solar Solutions INC is the brand people trust for many reasons. It is a name people refer to their friends and family members without thinking for a second because they know the professionalism level of our work. Integrated Solar Solutions INC offers complete services regarding solar system installation at residential and commercial places. Our team consisted of professionals who are called solar installers with rich experience in the field. Get in touch with us to get the services you want at your doorsteps with complete satisfaction. We will never let you down in your circle with our services.

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